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iPad - What's the Big Deal?
Sunday, 9 January 2011
iPad - What's the Big Deal?
The iPad has appeared on the main screen throughout the technological world. Tons of critics say that it is nothing but a jumbo sized iPhone, but there are several people around who claim the opposite.

To put it simply, the iPad really is simply a bigger version of the iPhone, but this bigger size comes with a good amount of functionality. Many people do not use an iPhone due to the fact it is really difficult to type on. But with the iPad's nearly full sized keyboard, this is no longer a problem.

One unfortunate feature of the iPad is that it cannot be used as a phone. Even though Verizon carries the iPad and offers them with internet plans, calls cannot be made or received with them. It would be incredibly awkward to hold an iPad up to your head, but a speaker phone or even a video chat option would be amazing.

One of the greatest features, it appears, is the awesome improvement of battery length from the iPhone or iPod Touch. Some studies show that the iPad's battery can last up to 12 hours of perpetual use, which is unbelievable for the size of the screen.

While not pocket sized, the iPad is able to be carried around in a case like a laptop. It can be used while in motion, or pretty much anywhere else one could use a computer or phone. It's not anywhere near as functional as a computer, but Apple says it will be there soon.

Even though the iPad started hard, and a lot of people disreguarded it as a giant iPhone, the trademark is still going hard. The release date of the iPad 2 will be unveiled very soon, and many people have insanely high hopes for the second generation of this appliance.

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Posted by stuart11richards at 6:56 PM EST

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